About the Artist


My first group art show was in 1995, as a college student.  I didn’t have another until about 8 years later.  Then, I began selling at Emerging Art Scene and Kai Lin Art galleries in Atlanta, Georgia.  Many commissions and exhibitions later I moved to Pasadena, California, where the art of the landscape is so prolific.  My experience as a graphic designer, photographer, and the fashion industry taught me to use my skills as an image-maker to communicate and express.

My artwork has been published in Jordan Magazine, The Rational Minority, 944 Magazine, and Seattle University School of Law’s Journal for Social Justice.  Coca-Cola, Delta, and Macy's have commissioned my work, and my artwork has been reproduced, and sold on shirts at retail, across the U.S. I have sold over 25 “pet portraits”, bringing joy to the lives of their human companions.

Donating works to charitable auctions for organizations such as the Human Rights Campaign, Kate's Club, Atlanta Community Food Bank, and the Shepherd Center, I don’t look only to “decorate walls” with no purpose.  One of the founding mentors of One Love Generation - an Atlanta-based youth organization mentoring students for positive social change through art, I am motivated by social and environmental issues, as well as, family, compassion, and personal growth.

The California Impressionists are now a big influence on my work, Edgar Payne and William Wendt tipping the scales.  I have for a long time studied the works of such various artists as Diebenkorn, Scholder, Kline, Cezanne, Klimt, and Sargent, as well as, the incredible illustrations of Struzan, Mignola, and Leyendecker.

Of all my artistic influences, nature itself inspires me to express in anyway possible the beauty, glory, delicacy, and fleeting (yet infinite) moments of the cycle of life and death, and life again.

I have an awe of nature that echoes inspiration.  I in turn respond with an interpretive image of nature as I see.  Artists are students of this great experience who reflect on the joy, tragedy, fear, and the shocking magnificence all around and within us.  They glimpse the power of nature, mankind, and something of the spirit behind it all. We want to speak back a great, “I hear you”, “I see you”, and most of all, “I feel you!”