Iris for Acey

This painting was done on a piece of drywall I salvaged in the renovation of my parents home.  An older generation in my family had built that home and kitchen with their own hands.  Acey, one of my grandfathers, proudly wall-papered, painted and did so much work, giving life to the home.  Once Acey passed on, my parents moved into that home.  When removing the wall where he had layered hours of love, I knew I wanted to preserve something of him and his legacy.  I used a utility knife to cut out a piece of the wall to use for a painting surface.  I preserved the sage color on the wall from when last he painted the kitchen.  On that I painted his favorite flower, the Iris.  This is a memorial to Acey.  It is a memorial to all our loved ones who took time to make a difference in the lives of their family.